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This site is dedicated to the four British Cars to whom we belong, their care and maintenance, and the sport of car rallies.

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1952 MGTD

1978 MGB

1978 MGB

2005 MINI Cooper

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Latest Articles:

History:            The History of the T-Series,
                       The History of the MGB

In General:       MG Technical Data & Specifications

In John's Bay:   Installing tube shock suspension on the MG-B

In Barry's Bay:  Rebuilding the MG-TD Engine (03/28/2004)

In Rallye:           I just recovered a few articles I wrote during my Pro-Rallye competition years.
                            You might find them interesting.

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet.   This site is dedicated to the pampered little hulks that occupy our hearts, spare time, and garages. This site is shared by two friends, who for over 30 years have shared a love of sports cars.   We have misspent our youth inhaling Essence of Turn #9 and chasing cars  that have fallen off some of the most famous race tracks in the entire world.    Unable to give up this perverse obsession with sports cars we have determined to spend our dotage caring for these prima donnas.  

In addition to the technical manuals and the advice and counsel of wonderful mechanics, we have turned on occasion to the web to tell us how to do some things.  Some things are easy to find, and others are difficult, so we hope to consolidate some of that information, and add some expertise of  our own in the hopes that the breed will always be preserved. Please reference the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Look in the Technical Notes section for reference material.

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