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These specifications are presented in good faith researching information from various sources.   However, no guarantee or warranty is given to the accuracy of the above information.   You are advised to verify the correctness of these specifications prior to using them.  Use of these specifications assumes agreement with the disclaimer below. They are provided as a convenience to fellow enthusiasts and the author makes no expressed warranty to their accuracy, use at your own risk.

Model Year1950 - 1953
Vehicle Number Location 
Body Number Locationplate on left front of tool box
Engine Number LocationRH side of block
Gearbox Number Location 
Rear Axle Number Location 
Tune Up 
Engine Firing Order1,3,4,2
Valve Rocker Clearance.012"
Idle Speed 
Static Ignition TimingTDC
Dynamic Ignition Timing 
Timing Mark Locationtiming case & crank pulley
Distributor Make/TypeLucas( high lift Dist Cam --suffix E)
Contact Breaker (points) Gap.014-".016"
Rotation of Rotoranti-clockwise
Dwell Angle60 +/-3 degrees
Ignition Coil Make/TypeLucas Q12
Spark Plug Make/TypeN5
Spark Plug Gap.025"
Carburetor Make/Typetwin SU H6
Carburetor Main Jet.090"
Carburetor Main Jet NeedleLS1
Carburetor Piston Springblue
Vehicle & Engine 
Length12' 1"
Width4' 10-5/8"
Height4' 5"
Ground Clearance6"
Track Front47-3/8"
Track Rear50"
Wheelbase7' 10"
Turning Circle31" 3"
Empty Weight 
Curb Weight2011 lb (914 kg)
Gross Weight 
Original Tire Size5.50-15
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold) 
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold) 
Replacement Tire Size165x15
Engine Type4 cyl inline ohv, XPAG/TD3
Engine Displacement1250 cc
Firing Order1,3,4,2
Compression Ratio7.25 : 1
Engine Bore2.618"
Engine Stroke3.543"
Number of Cylinders4
Oil Pressure Idle 
Oil Pressure Normal50-70 psi
Charging SystemDynamo (generator)
Ignition Typepoints
Fuel Pump Make/TypeSU electric
Fuel Tank Capacity12-1/2 imperial gal.
Cooling System Capacity12 imperial pints
Sump Capacity9 imperial pints
Gearbox Capacity, non-overdrive1-1/4 imperial pints
Gearbox Capacity, overdrive1-1/4 imperial pints

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