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  • Chas. "Skip" Saloway who in 1960 taught me that 
    • imported cars that corner are far more interesting than Detroit Iron moving in a straight line
    • The works of Ian Fleming
    • A subscription to Road & Track was a good diversion of funds
    • a love for Formula 1
    • Hero worship of Jimmy Clark.

  • Kenneth D. Brantley, who taught me the not only how to use tools properly, but two other invaluable lessons: 
    • "It never cost that much to do the job right ..."
    • When working on a car; Get a shop manual, read it completely before you start the job. A lesson re-taught to both of us replacing a 1970's Ford Station Wagon heater fan. (also see O'l Sarge)

  • O'l Sarge  both Barry and John served under some old time NCO's in the Army, who taught them many lessons, about life, combat, and mechanics.  They and their wisdom have coalesced into a single beloved sage, we call O'l Sarge.  We are often heard quoting the many wisdoms passed on to us by these almost fatherly NCO's. For example when tightening a bolt we often remind each other of the times when O'l Sarge would walk up to a piece of semi-assembled machinery, point to a bolt and ask, what's the torque setting on this bolt.  Lord save you from his wrath if you didn't look it up -- 'cause any idiot can remember the wrong number, but the "book" always remembers the right number.


  • Bob "Fifi" LaBresh the "best SAAB Wrench" in town, and an all around great guy.  Fifi has forgotten more about British Cars, than I will ever know, and was patient and gracious enough to try and impart that knowledge to me. 

  • Ed Solstad Rallye Master Extraordinaire who has spent countless hours finding roads, and countless week-ends assembling wonderful rallies that make owing and driving these cars even more enjoyable.  If you have never put on a rallye, you have no idea how much work it takes to create one.  In addition, to write a rallye is hard work, to write a good rallye is a miracle.  Ed has performed extraordinary miracles for over 10 years.  

  • Mark Brandow for his dedication, help, and advice for keeping them On the Road, and acting as an "Adoption Agency" ensuring that these wonderful cars find a good home.

  • Lastly, to all those professional and hobby mechanics who care for a magical breed that has gone forever, and are willing to share that skill to keep these wonderful cars running.

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