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This chart is an adaption based upon work provided by Dave DuBois, Stuart Lock and TA Terry

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SizeLengthWrench SizeTourque Ft/LbsDescription / UseQTYOriginal P/NAbingdon P/NMoss P/N
5 x 0.75mm1-9/16 in in1/8W Fan to pulley (TD/TF)4AAA52137-23320-120
6 x 1mm1/2 in3/16W Upper rear oil seal cover3JA53843-12320-130
6 x 1mm1/2 in3/16W Rocker (valve) cover side bosses (TD/ TF)2JA53843-12320-130
6 x 1mm1/2 in3/16W Baffle to sump4JA53843-173320-130
6 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W6Camshaft thrust plate 2X151755-84320-130
6 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W Oil pickup to baffle (TD/TF)2JA51173-169 
6 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W Oil pickup cover (late TD/TF)1HP04053-167 
6 x 1mm1-1/2 in3/16W6Oil pickup to sump, drilled for safety wire 2ASL58533-161320-150
6 x 1mm1-1/2 in3/16W6Timing chain tensioner, drilled for safety wire2AAA57925-8320-150
6 x 1mm2-5/8 in3/16W6Oil pump to block (TC/early TD)4AAA55863-99320-160
   6(Late TD)2   
6 x 1mm3-5/16 in3/16W Oil pump to block, drilled for safety wire (TC/early TD)2AAA55863-99320-160
    (Late TD/TF) 4   
6 x 1mm3-1/2 in3/16W Oil pump to block, drilled for safety wire2AAA30933-97320-170
8 x 1mm1/2 in3/16W Oil gallery plugs5X229683-8328-100
8 x 1mm1/2 inscrew head Rear plate to head4MG862/2113-50323-180
8 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W Front bearer plate to block2AAA53433-40320-260
8 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W Timing chain cover to front bearer plate (2 bolts from rear of bearer plate)2X150123-39320-260
8 x 1mm5/8 in3/16W Cam bearing dowel bolts ( drilled for safety wire)2AAA56215-44320-900
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W19Clutch to flywheel6CA112213-47321-028
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Engine mount cradle to front bearer plate (TD/TF)4OA100773-42320-260
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Generator adjusting link to block1CA11223-149320-260
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Generator mounting bracket to block2CA11223-146320-260
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Clutch cable bracket to sump (early TD)2CA112213-31320-260
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Oil filter support bracket to block (TC)2CA1122USE 3-39320-260
    (Early TD)3   
8 x 1mm3/4 in1/4W Water outlet elbow to thermostat housing bolt (TF)2CA11227-45320-260
8 x 1mm7/8 in1/4W Water outlet elbow to head (TC/TD)4CA12583-132320-270
8 x 1mm7/8 in1/4W Air cleaner elbow to carburetor (TC/TD)4CA12583-62A320-270
8 x 1mm7/8 in1/4W Water pump (short bolt) (TD/TF)1CA12587-27320-270
8 x 1mm7/8 in3/16W19Sump to block (center bolts)10LA74313-74320-270
8 x 1mm7/8 in3/16W19Sump to timing chain cover (deep head)2AAA53403-73320-265
8 x 1mm1 in1/4W Water pump (long bolt, lower hole) (TD/TF)1JA50527-28320-625
8 x 1mm1 in1/4W Bell housing to engine 10JA50523-58321-048
8 x 1mm1 in1/4W Bottom generator mounting (TC, front and rear)2JA50523-153/157320-625
    (TD/TF rear)1   
8 x 1mm1-1/8 in3/16W Sump to block (deep head slotted - rear 2 bolts)2AAA53413-75320-615
8 x 1mm1-1/4 in1/4W Bottom generator mounting (TD/TF front with 1/4 spacer)1QA110933-153320-625
8 x 1mm1-1/4 in13mm25Gudgeon pin clamp bolts (original bolts had 1/4w heads)4CA10095-17320-890
8 x 1mm1-7/8 in1/4W Timing chain cover to engine3AAA52863-36320-300
8 x 1mm2 in1/4W Timing chain cover to engine (2 lower bolts)2AAA52313-35320-310
8 x 1mm2-1/4 in13mm25Rod big end bolts (with self locking nuts)8  320-880
  1/4W (Drilled for cotter pin) AEF1235-15 
8 x 1mm2-3/4 in1/4W Water outlet elbow to head TF (long bolt)2OA100197-40 
8 x 1mm3-5/16 in1/4W16Rocker tower4AAA56705-57320-330
10 x 1.5mm3/4 in5/16W Carburetor to manifold (TC/TD)4LA7153 320-510
10 x 1.5mm7/8 in3/8W50Flywheel to crankshaft, drilled for safety wire4AAA560913-61321-108
10 x 1.5mm1 in5/16W Starter to block (TC)3CA109565-62320-510
10 x 1.5mm3-1/2 in5/16W43Rocker tower4AAA56925-58320-530
12 x 1.mm7/8 in5/8W50Crankshaft pulley bolt/starting dog (can use 1 1/8 SAE wrench)1AAA52795-30433-450
12 x 1.5mm1 in3/8W50Timing gear to camshaft 1AAA57885-35320-670
  19mm (Some bolts come with this larger head)    
1/4 x 26 BSF1-1/4 in3/16W Engine breather pipe clamp bolt (some of these may be 6 - 1mm)1CA1263USE 23-125320-200
1/4 x 20 W1-3/8 in3/16W Distributor clamp pinch bolt, slotted head (TC/early TD)1   
5/16 -22 BSF3/4 in1/4W Clutch return spring bracket to sump1AJG6255Z13-22320-360
5/16 -22 BSF3/4 in1/4W Air cleaner to carburetor (TD MK II/TF)4LA746923-185320-360
5/16 x 18 W5/8 in1/4W Adjusting link to generator (5/16 - 18 SAE bolt fits)13H20923-151322-510
3/8 x 20 BSF4-1/2 in5/16W Oil filter housing (late TD/TF)13008523-197 
SizeLengthWrench SizeTourque Ft/LbsDescription / UseQTYOriginal P/NAbingdon P/NMoss P/N
6 x 1mm1-7/8 in  Tappet cover studs3AAA55953-16 
8 x 1mm1-1/4 in  Water outlet elbow to thermostat housing stud (TC/TD)2CB17173-31328-730
8 x 1mm1-7/8 in  Long water pump stud1X201673-30328-750
8 x 1mm1-3/4 in  Short water pump stud1JB59693-31328-750
8 x 1mm4 in  Manifold to head 4AAA57733-47328-760
8 x 1mm5 1/4 in  Rocker (valve) cover studs2AAA55523-46 328-770
10 x 1.5mm2 in  Carburetor to manifold studs (TD MK II/TF)4QA117913-121328-810
10 x 1.5mm1-7/8 in  Exhaust flange to manifold studs (TC)3CA11193-62328-828
10 x 1.5mm1-1/2 in  Exhaust flange to manifold studs (TD/TF)3X151263-62A328-808
10 x 1.5mm4-3/8 in  Head to block studs10AAA55123-13328-780
12 x 1.5mm3-1/8 in  Main bearing cap to block studs6LA71045-85328-830
SizeLengthWrench SizeTourque Ft/LbsDescription / UseQTYOriginal P/NAbingdon P/NMoss P/N
10 x 1.5mm 3/16W Center oil gallery plug1X202473-9 
12 x 1.5mm5/16 inscrew, steel Front oil gallery plug 1X2273265-57328-020
12 x 1.5mm9/16 inscrew, brass Rear oil gallery plug1X1539365-57328-030
12 x 1.5mm 5/16W Oil pump body plug (late TD/TF)11631383-212 
12 x 1.5mm 5/16W Oil pump cover2107983-215 
12 x 1.5mm 5/16W Sump oil pickup port plug1107983-215 
21 x 1mm 9/16W Relief valve cap (can use 1" SAE wrench)1AAA56283-111 
3/8 x 19 BSP 3/8W Water outlet plug on thermostat housing (TF)1AEK1227-47320-625
1/2-14 BSP 1/2W Sump oil drain plug 1AAA25993-68328-120
SizeLengthWrench SizeTourque Ft/LbsDescription / UseQTYOriginal P/NAbingdon P/NMoss P/N
8 x 1mm 1/4W10Water pump shaft to pulley nut1JA50887-6311-080
8 x 1mm 1/4W Water pump stud nut2CA11263-51311-100
8 x 1mm 1/4W Water outlet elbow to thermostat housing stud (TC/TD)2CA1126USE 3-51311-100
   35Generator pulley nut (TC)1 35-058146-200
   35Generator pulley nut (TD/TF)1 35-058a310-310
8 x 1mm 1/4W Front engine mount cradle to front bearing plate 4CA11263-43311-100
8 x 1mm 1/4W Manifold clamp nut4CA11263-66311-100
8 x 1mm 1/4W Rod big end cap bolt nut (orig. Castellated for cotter pin)8AEF1315-16 
    (Self locking type)   311-080
10 x 1.5mm 5/16W50Head stud nut10AAA52083-56 
10 x 1.5mm 5/16W Exhaust flange to manifold nut (brass)3CA16053-63 
10 x 1.5mm 5/16W Carburetor to manifold studs (TF)4CA11273-122 
12 x 1.5mm 7/16W63Main bearing cap stud nut (castellated for cotter pin)6AEF1995-5 
1/4 x 26 BSF 3/16 Engine breather pipe clamp bolt nut (some of these may be 6 - 1mm)1CA1254USE 23-425 
1/4-26 BSF 3/16W Distributor cotter bolt nut (late TD/TF)1CA1254  
1/4 x 20 W 3/16W Distributor clamp pinch bolt nut (TC/early TD)1ADJ8104  
3/8 x 20 BSF 5/16W Clutch linkage fulcrum pin nut (castellated for cotter pin)2AAA580213-26311-240
SizeLengthWrench SizeTourque Ft/LbsDescription / UseQTYOriginal P/NAbingdon P/NMoss P/N
2BA3/4 inslotted screw Bypass elbow to thermostat housing (TC/TD)2AJD3207-66323-040
8-1MM7/8 in1/4W Distributor lock bolt, dog point, drilled for safety wire (TC/early TD)1AAA521235-93433-530
1/4-26 BSF   Distributor cotter bolt (late TD/TF)1AAA277635-90433-540
3/8-20 BSF   Clutch linkage fulcrum pin2X2304913-27190-390
1/8-28 BSPN/A3/16W Block water drain tap13H27243-14434-240
1/8-28 BSP1 in5/16W Oil pipe block to head banjo bolt (TC/early TD)2X210213-115A435-465
    (Late TD/TF) AAA55503-115435-490
1/4-19 BSP1-1/8 in1/2W Filter to block oil pipe (TC)4X190893-86435-480
    (Early TD)3   

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